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Greg has over 25 years of global operations and consulting experience with service organizations, from start-ups and non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. Greg is the former Operations COO of Nasdaq Corporate Services, where he led client service and operations teams across the globe supporting FinTech, SaaS and Digital Communications businesses. Earlier in his career, Greg built a three-continent Global Business Services organization at Staples across IT and Operations, and ran global client, operations and IT groups at Fidelity Investments. 

Lean Six Sigma is a core part of Greg's playbook.  He has led dozens of reengineering projects, including Kaizen "blitz" projects, green belt and black belt projects to improve the customer experience and reduce cost.  Greg is also an expert in customer success & sales operations tools and practices, including Salesforce, NPS & CSAT surveys, customer service training, and lead generation incentive and measurement programs.

Greg has extensive on-the-ground experience with global offshoring and outsourcing (ITO, BPO & KPO).  Greg lived and worked in India for two years, and has made dozens of trips to the Philippines and Eastern Europe.  Greg is a skilled negotiator, familiar with all components of complex vendor and outsourcing RFPs and contracts. 

Greg has an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and a BA from Concordia University. Greg is an active community volunteer serving as a Board member and chair of the finance committee at Shakespeare & Co, and is an avid skier and hiker.  Greg lives in Boston, MA.

Greg Lipper



Lipper Solutions is a boutique consultancy created based on the need for Business Transformation to drive Operational Excellence and Customer Success at a local, national or global level. The firm provides tested and tailor-made services for organizations that need to respond thoughtfully, but quickly, to an ever-changing landscape. 

We define Operational Excellence as a sustained improvement in one or more of accuracy, turnaround time, reliability & consistency, customer experience, employee engagement & retention, risk mitigation, productivity and cost.

We define Customer Success as a sustained improvement in one or more of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer retention, cross-sell and up-sell, based on an understanding of what your customers value most, and an ability to deliver that value, while building lasting relationships with them.

While many firms can implement meaningful improvements, few are able to sustain those improvements for more than 1 or 2 years.  Operational mediocrity and customer disappointment tend to creep back in over time, to the detriment of customers, employees and fiduciary stewards (shareholders, top leadership & the board).

We believe Operational Excellence and Customer Success can best be sustained by permanently transforming your organization into a scalable, customer-centric, discipled operation, through a strategic process that starts with understanding your business, and then combines cutting-edge tools with an assessment of organizational competencies, and a rigorous governance structure.

In every engagement, we assess:

  1. Which management, financial and technology tools will best serve your needs?

  2. Are there gaps in competencies (core skills and organizational culture) that may prevent you from successfully implementing and sustaining your stated objectives?

  3. What type of governance framework and dashboard will be required to track progress, measure success, communicate status, manage through scope change, and hold people accountable to ensure you stay on track?


Smart globalization that works: We specialize in optimizing global delivery and IT teams, selecting outsourcing providers, setting up offshore centers, and migrating work across global locations with minimal disruption.  We use a methodology that delivers both high productivity & high service quality.  Our proprietary system for measuring and comparing employee and team productivity across different functions and countries provides managers with unique insights into how each team is performing, what is driving productivity variation and how to improve productivity.

We have experience in helping organizations decide when they should build their own offshore centers and when they should use an outsourcing provider, and we have an excellent track record of selecting outsourcing partners and structuring their contracts in a way that leads to consistent, reliable high quality service at a highly competitive rate. We also help with location selection, coupled with business continuity plans, for a global site strategy that finds the balance of cost, risk and quality. In order to do that analysis effectively, we undergo a total cost compare that factors in hidden costs, such as the cost of poor quality.  Our global expertise cuts across IT functions, business functions and complex analytical functions such as Legal, Contracts, Marketing, Data Analytics, Project Management, Business Analysis, Research & Reporting.  


Our deep expertise in planning and implementing large, complex global programs -- such as building a Global Business Services team, organizational restructuring,  outsourcing RFPs, and training offshore teams -- gives us a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed, how to sustain that success, and how to mitigate risks along the way.

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Our Operational Excellence Framework combined with our extensive knowledge of global teams, has been proven to deliver sustained improvements, as shown in our Case Studies

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