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Global Business Services

A large retail & e-commerce organization decided to build out a GBS organization that would take advantage of shared service efficiencies and low-cost labor rates around the globe to dramatically lower cost without sacrificing service quality.  Greg built the GBS organization, leveraging a combination of third party outsource providers and in-house centers of excellence. Greg made use of competitive RFPs to source best-in-class providers in India and Philippines, and researched 17 locations in Central & Eastern Europe before deciding on a location for an in-house IT Center of Excellence.  The result was:

  1. New global best-in-class service providers with extensive experience in IT, HR Recruiting, AP/AR and Customer Service.

  2. An expanded global presence, including a dynamic in-house IT center in Poland that attracted top IT talent.

  3. Culture change inside the organization that made it more accepting of transformation and allowed it to think differently about its competitive choices in the marketplace.

  4. Cost savings of tens of millions of dollars.

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