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Employee & Team Productivity

A digital communications business wanted to measure and improve employee productivity, following several acquisitions that left it with employees in dozens of locations around the globe.  Greg used a combination of time studies and his proprietary productivity tool to capture standard throughput, volumes, and labor capacity across hundreds of employees and dozens of different activities.  The result was:

  1. The business could accurately measure employee productivity and identify high and low performers.

  2. High performers were rewarded in financial and non-financial ways their retention and engagement increased.

  3. Low performers were coached and given additional training; most improved their productivity, and some exited and were replaced with new, higher-performing employees.

  4. This process necessitated a baseline accuracy & service quality measure, to ensure employees did not sacrifice quality for productivity, and this led to reduced errors overall.

  5. Cost savings of 10%-15% across the global locations.

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